Shrinky dinks! Are we going back to the 90’s?

Stick with me here (hahaha see what I did there: “stick with me”).

The wonders of the shrinky dinks, seeing that piece of plastic transform before your eyes with just enough heat (no more no less, the exact amount to create that piece of art).

Then, your masterpiece could be displayed in so many ways we had tons and tons of bracelets and earings and car keys to spare. I was and still am obsessed with everythink that can be trasformed, changed, reused, and shrinky dinks is no excemption.

Imagine that we bring this “magic” (Yes! I meant to say magic) into our classroom. With just a few ingredients and the perfect magic words (insert magic word here) we have a shrinky dink art that is not only incredible but it could help your students remember tons of different things.

[insert pinterest image for pin here]

The cycle of water in a shrinky dink you say? You my friend, know how to do magic! I like you!

If you’re still with me on this (and we avoid getting caught by doing magic outside of Hogwarts) here are the istructions to perform this magic trick

Materials (no magic without a wand :|: no materials, no craft):

[insert image of materials with hover words]

(or should I say…magic spell?)

[image for shrinky dinks printable]

Trace the image into the shrinky dink paper using permanent markers. Make sure to color the inside of the image as you want it to show.

[image of cutting shrinky dinks]

Cut the shapes and place a hole in each one following the guides.

[image of shrinky dinks on a tray]

If you’re the instructor (Teacher) make sure to pre-heat the oven or toaster oven to 325 degrees.
Place parhment paper of a tray an lay the shrinky dinks (face down) on top. Once the oven is ready and heated place the tray inside the oven.
Hold your wands say the magic words and … wait for the magic to happen (in about 5-7 minutes)

[image of shrinky dink in the oven curling]

is ok for the image to curl and swirl and make strange movements, magic is happening here!

[image of shrinky dinks holding the tray with a glove outside of oven]

Carefully and using proer protection remove the tray from the oven. Leave them to cool.

[image of preparing shrinky dinks with chain]

Place the rings in the holes using the pliers to secure them. Do this with all of the shrinky dinks.

[image of assembling the mobile]

Assemble the mobile as in the image and make sure to secure each piece with the pliers.

[image of bracelet, necklace, bookmark and car keys]

Decide wether to put it on a necklace, a bracelet, a bookmark or even a keychain.

Brag about your amazing masterpiece and talk about the different elements in it.

Teachers, I got you covered here! If you want a plan for integrating this project with different courses (english, spanish, science, math, art, history, and others) click on the link below to find the plan and assesment printable.

Amazing? right! Now you can say you have the cycle of water on your hand and feel like a true wizard.

Grab those 10 points for your house!

I can imagine now that you see how easy it is to create this amazing project you are exploding with awesome ideas. Please share them with me on a comment below.
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