Have you noticed that your students are happy to enjoy another day with you? … except the day of the exam!

There is no more excruciating moment for a student than having to be evaluated. Either doing an oral presentation, an exam, or any other time they feel that everyone’s eyes are on him or her.

While there are many other reasons why a student may fail a test , and I will share them with you in my next blog, one of the main reasons to fail a test is the anxiety that students suffer when presenting an exam or being evaluated.

It is this anxiety that does not allow you to concentrate and answer correctly the exercises that are presented to you.

In this blog, I will share some techniques that I have compiled from the web to prepare your students for this stressful task. 5 incredible ideas that I found great and useful for your students feel calm and comfort on the day of the exam.

1 Use relaxation techniques prior to the exam

While the responsibility to study and prepare for the test rests largely with students and their parents, it is important to recognize that the teacher must create an appropriate environment for the student to successfully complete the test.

Preparing a few minutes before the exam helps the body to be more relaxed and the student to concentrate better. It frees anxiety and creates an atmosphere of harmony so that while “feeling evaluated” can perform calmly and successfully.

Take a few minutes before the exam and direct your students to practice relaxation techniques. As simple as asking students to breathe deeply and think positive things.

2 Leave a message on your students’ desk

Message on desktop with non-permanent markers.

What an incredible way to tell your students that they are capable! From quotes or famous phrases, to a personalized note. So, when they arrive at the classroom they can feel welcome and feel your unconditional support and empathy.

While the exam or test is an exercise to check what you have learned, this task should not be stressful for your students.

Help them change the way they think about exams with ideas like this.

Variation 1:

Ask parents to send a note or message to their child and write it on the desk using “dry-erase” markers. 

Invite parents to be part of this moment and surprise your students with these fun notes.

Variation 2:

Personalize a note for each student remembering their qualities and talents. Remember to sign the note and write it using a “dry-erase” marker.

Variation 3:

Look for a famous phrase or quote about success, perseverance, or some other topic that can help your students feel prepared and less anxious to answer. Write it on your desk using a “dry-erase” marker.

Do not know where to find famous quotes and phrases? Visit Proverbia.net .

3 Create a pleasant atmosphere

A simple online search led me to observe an incredible idea to create a pleasant environment for this day …

What better than to do your evaluation sitting in front of a fireplace, facing a river, or watching the waves of the sea!

If your class has a screen for opaque projector or another type of smart screen where you can project, you will love this idea.

@algebra_love (as it is known in Instagram) shared the following image.

Students perform their tasks while projecting a fireplace, creating a relaxed atmosphere and listening to instrumental music. It helps students stay focused and calm.

Amazing, right? How it did not occur to us before!

Variation 1:

You can project the fire or you can project some relaxing place like the beach, a river…and even the ocean floor. Use music that goes according to what you project, like the sounds of the sea or an instrumental music.

You can find great resources to use in this project on Youtube.com. I share with you some of my favorites:

Variation 2:

Even better! You have already created the environment, add some special touches so that your room transforms and becomes part of it.

This idea also works if you have no way to project the videos. Bring a radio with you and allow your students to listen to the music while they enjoy the scenes you have prepared.

Campfire scene prepared in the classroom.

Ask your students to take the exam or test where they feel most relaxed: on the floor, lying on a pillow, sitting at the desk …

Other ideas to prepare that special space.

This environment can be a permanent place in your classroom that can also function as a place to read.

4 Recieve them with a rich snack to improve their performance

Another great idea that I have found and I think is wonderful is to receive your students with a nutritious snack full of energy.

Did you know that many students come to the test without having eaten any food?

Nutritious snack image for exam day

Imagine if a teacher had come up with a great idea like this one. With a few juices, sandwiches and / or fruit you will help your students have the necessary energy to concentrate and answer their test.

Variation 1:

As shown in the picture. Do it with a purpose!

Prepare some cards where you identify each snack you offer them in a fun and special way. “Juices for geniuses”, “Fruits to improve concentration” … the possibilities are endless.

Do not know how to start? If you liked the idea, and you want ready-made cards ready to print. Click on this link to see some of these ideas that I have created for you.

Variation 2:

I know that a teacher’s salary may not be enough to prepare snacks in all the exams and evaluations that take place during the school year. Like some of the ideas I’ve already mentioned, this is a good time to involve the parents of the students.

Talk to them at the beginning of the year, you can ask for a monthly fee of $ 5.00 or an annual fee of $ 50.00 to be able to afford these snacks, or you can request that some parents (voluntarily) provide snacks for the students.

Remember to do it with plenty of time and make sure that everyone agrees with the decision made.

5 Make them feel like stars

To think that we are capable can create great things in the human mind.

Meet with other teachers and / or parent volunteers and prepare a welcome party for the exam.

Motivation for the test in the form of a red carpet. 
Where the teachers made the students look like artists ready for the award ceremony

Teachers and parent volunteers can line up at the entrance to the classroom and carry posters and give positive messages to students who come in to take the test.

You have to click and see the posters and decorations that I have pre-designed for this activity.

Decorate the hall with a full red carpet, as in the picture, or create your own scenario using great ideas like when players enter the game of basketball and all applaud them and praise.

The possibilities are endless.

Do you use any of these techniques? Or do you have a personal technique to help your students on test days?

Share it with me in a comment!

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