Isn’t this an amazing blog? From the colors to the amazing widgets, and overall appearance. Getting the right website took a lot of work and amazing resources.

But, I am so happy with my website/blog that I am happy to share with you my secrets. For free! (Yes, this information will always be free, and if you decide to purchase anything using my affiliate links I will receive a small commission that could get me a coffee sometime. Isn’t that great? At absolutely no additional cost to you. Yes, in fact, you may receive a discount if you do so)

Without further ado Here’s my secret!

Let’s begin to tell you that even thou magic may seem like a great answer…effort and dedication will be the best bet! And not only I had my tricks and knowledge to create this beautiful site, but I paired that with an incredible list of resources. Carefully selected to create this perfect (er hmm..well almost, getting there) website.

Note: If you just want the WHAT and not the WHY? skip to the part named Resources

It all begins with the perfect web-host:

I proudly present to you…Site Ground!

siteground webHosting price for website or blog screenshot

And why Site ground you may say? Actually, I was looking everywhere for a WebHost… everywhere! and all roads lead to Site Ground.

After chatting with Momchil (yes! A real person!..I know! Don’t believe me? Check their profile at for almost 45 minutes. I was convinced this was going to be my new house (well… for my websites). It’s been a while now and it has not disappointed me at all!

Then…Why you should try it too?

These are the top 3 reasons:

1 Superior Customer Service

It was only like 2-3 seconds and Momchil appeared!  (yes! A real person! no bots, no “submit your ticket here” no voicemail redirect, a person!) We spoke for 45 minutes!! and he was polite and knowledgeable and extremely patient. He helped me by answering all my questions, providing guidance and support.

2 Safety

Do you know they offer free SSL certificates and, if you want to, after signing up for a plan they have an amazing deal for a site scan? Meaning that someone will scan your website daily for malware or malicious code. Isn’t that amazing?

3 Fast…fast…faster!

Have you ever been to websites that take 4 minutes to load and you are kind of like: “forget it! I’ll go elsewhere”?

Yes, I know the feeling. That is why speed and up-time was a need for me, and Site Ground has promised to offer this great speed and up-time quality for me, and you, and everyone else in the planet (well, that signs up for a hosting plan, of course!).

And not only that… they have back up to prove it! go to any hosting review site and type Site Ground and you’ll be flooded with happy customers which will make you want to join the bandwagon.

Website/Blog Resources

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